Project Work

Make A Wish Foundation, Ruth Mendelson Score

Windows on Earth

Jane Goodall Institute, Ruth Mendelson Score

Feed the People, Poetry In Motion @ PRH

Audvocalease, Audistry Official Video

Ann Maguire, Film by Maggie Rizzi

Tribute, Poetry In Motion @ PRH

River Planet, Melinda Levin Film, Ruth Mendelson score

The Minutes (excerpt Audnoyz music)

Ray’s Dream, Live Forever Ray Bradbury Film

Native American Artist/Activist Lyla June Johnson’ Sundance (Ruth Mendelson Arrangement).

The Epic Tale featuring Patty Barkas from Audnoyz Project Vol 3.

Earth Orbits Reflections

The Message Remix Quantum Quest Soundtrack

Lucky Seven Audnoyz Remix

Bird, Ruth Mendelson Score

  1. EDULERP Audnoyz (Steve Thomas) 4:14
  2. Mr. G Stringie Thhingie Audnoyz (Steve Thomas) 3:08


G String Murders Overture for Theatrical Performance