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Genre mashing music producer Audnoyz releases third album, Audnoyz Project Vol 3 on the Atwood Media label.

This latest work on the Audnoyz creative continuum envelops you in an aural journey, filled with unexpected genre juxtapositions, cerebral electronica, tormented 16th century Baroque motifs, stirring orchestral elements, pulsating techno / eurodance beats, contemplative piano-jazz and sublime vocals from the heavens.

Often in a cacophony of sound, something familiar emerges, only to segue to a well-placed hook or dissolve into a moment of Cirque du Soleil excitement. The 10 tracks that comprise Audnoyz Project Vol 3 are sometimes bombastic, at times contemplative, yet always cinematic, evocative and exciting.

Track highlights include: The Epic Tale using an operatic style of vocalization for its emotive quality, bypassing words. The limitations drawn by languages, and the understanding of a particular language are neatly side stepped.  The power comes across, without the barrier, and clothed in the technique and sound palette of our contemporary world. The entire piece is a grand gesture. 

Random Intersection, deftly paints a contemplative sound scape featuring uber-processed tenor saxophone, sounding like a guitar solo reminiscent of Jeff Beck, but with no pretenses of imitation.  A clear voice articulates a short statement of wisdom, over the heartbeat of peaceful world.  In a different approach to the world’s great composers and previous styles, Bach’s Prelude #6 is treated to a jazz arrangement and then recomposed using Euro DJ techniques with a level of sophistication that while unique, is utterly accessible to any listener in Get Off my Bach

Paris channels some of the same techniques, Euro techno, impressionistic beckoning connected beautifully with jazz style saxophone improvisation, so appropriate, given that the French have always loved Jazz, perhaps more than the Americans whose culture gave rise to it.  M Vision is a haunting reverie that is both a validation and a cautionary tale, depending on who you are and where you are in your life’s journey.

Like the Audnoyz Project releases before it, one does not listen to Audnoyz Project Vol 3 so much as experience it.  This music envelops you in a viscerally spectacular, rich, rhythm driven, and multi-referential-stylistic mind/body experience.

Audnoyz Project Vol 3 is available digitally from leading electronic distribution retailers and sources including: CD Baby, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon MP3, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody and eMusic, as well as in Compact Disc from

Other albums on the Audnoyz creative continuum include: Audnoyz Project Vol 1 (sometimes found as the Audnoyz Collection, 2007), Audnoyz Project Vol 2 (2011), and the Audistry collaboration with film composer Shawn K Clement, (2013).

Audnoyz is the genre mashing music producer guise of composer/guitarist/music industry technology veteran Steve Thomas. The audnoyz production aesthetic has developed over the course of the last decade. It was a European music technology journalist to first frame Audnoyz music as ‘Kopf Kino’ (mind cinema) an aural sojourn for the inner eye; like experiencing synesthesia, seeing the music, imbued by amazing multi-referential stylistic cinematic properties. For more insight on the genesis of the Audnoyz music aesthetic please visit


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