Audio Alchemy: Mastering

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Here's a simple example of audio mastering for live performance.  

I have been consulting with the LA Ballet for a few years on a range of audio issues.

Often the ballet uses specific orchestral performances that meet the expressive criteria check list but are not the best recorded versions of that performance. 

Sometimes its an old live recording that's not of the best quality sonically and certainly not up to the Ballets musical director, Michael Andreas' exacting standards.

This audio excerpt of Don Quijote de la Mancha is from the Spring 2016 season.  The receipt to improve the sound includes using UA-Audio Audio Helios EQ for character, Izotope Dynamic EQ using Mid Side treatment, Stillwell Audio Bombardier Mastering Compressor and Voxengo Elephant Limiter.

Although this audio file is an MP3 you still can get a sense of the before and after treatment.


  1. Before & After RX - LAB Don Quijote 2:31

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