Audnoyz Project Vol 3

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More Audnoyz Music Unleashed On The World  Genre mashing music producer Audnoyz releases third album, Audnoyz Project Vol 3 on the Atwood Media label. This latest work on the Audnoyz creative continuum envelops you in an aural journey, filled with unexpected genre juxtapositions, cerebral electronica, tormented 16th century Baroque motifs, stirring orchestral elements, pulsating techno / eurodance beats, contemplative piano-jazz and sublime vocals from the heavens. Often in a cacophony of sound, something familiar emerges, only to segue to a well-placed hook or dissolve into a moment of […]

Anatomy of a Track

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Audistry is the 2012 full-length album release fusing  film/TV composer Shawn K Clement’s deep Other-Worldly cinematic orchestral music and signature guitar sound, with my Audnoyz genre-mashing production aesthetic. Audistry epitomizes how collaborative work is happening these days out of home studios.  In this case a bicoastal collaboration with tracks bouncing back and forth between Clemistry Ranch, North of Los Angeles and a personal studio outside of Boston, where the final slicing, dicing, mixing, and mangling was done December 2012. WTF […]

About Influence

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Recently I was re-reading a May 2013 Harvard Business Review Article titled What Would Ashton Do—and Does It Matter?  by Sinan Aral.  The article questions the place of influencers in creating brand awareness. The article states that although a celebrity may have a huge social media following, he/she may not be as influential when it comes to motivating followers to make decisions. I also was taking in Forbes Magazine contributor Mark Fidelman’s critique: Why this Harvard Business Review Article on Influence […]

Flux Capacitance

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I have always put time into ‘Sharpening the Saw,’ as Steven Covey would say.  Marketing products gets down to psychology and I have always been fascinated with all the variant forms of ‘How-to’ influence/affect the human condition towards a set outcome. Also interesting in these post-recessionary times rife with ever evolving economic change, that chaos has become a fact of life in the modern business environment. I have always surfed an ever-changing tide of music production and performance gigs also […]

On Mastering

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Recently I was at the studio of a new client when his daughter a singer/songwriter walked in to say hello and asked what’s mastering and can we do it here?  That question gave me the idea for this post where I share a few of my favorite books on the mystical art of audio Mastering. So what’s Mastering? Here’s a concise explanation from our friends at Izotope:  There are many definitions of audio mastering.  Most commonly, though, the term mastering […]

Thoughts to Live by…

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Success is doing the right thing and not  everything right. When life happens: be the author of your life or victim of it. Action determines outcomes, and outcomes inform actions. Living an uncommon life leaves no choice but to seek an uncommon approach to living it. The quality of your impact often matters much more than the quantity of your activities. Don’t waste time for others to get it, invest time getting other people. Leverage is about maximizing results, success […]

Atwood Media

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Atwood Media is a media/marketing consultancy and music production company.  We work with select  consumer and music technology companies, including a cohort of music software creators, media, and marketing concerns.  We produce music for artists, institutions, and creatives working in TV, Film, and all forms of media. Please send any inquiries to