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Audio Alchemy

With over 30 years experience marketing technology products and company building, we provide a wide range of strategic, integrated marketing and business development consulting services.

Our forte: strategic outside-the-box-thinking, branding and identity, campaign strategy and execution, co-marketing and business development, shaping public opinion, artist relations, and integrated marketing communications strategy.

We provide a range of music production services including: composition, recording, mixing and mastering for artists, institutions, and creatives working in TV, Film, and all forms of media. That includes work with award-winning composers, producers, and music licensing song shoppes for TV, Film, multimedia museum installations, iconic audiobooks, video soundtracks and eclectic artistic expose.


Audio Alchemy is about improving and preserving the quality of audio.  In the extreme, repairing damaged audio can be likened to transmutation.  Most of the time it’s more like taking a wind gust, cough, hisssssss or hum out of a recording for use in a film, soundtrack or podcast.  Beyond audio repair, polish and restoration, we consultant with organizations, institutions and media creators on specific tools and techniques to address their own audio work.